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How to Contact Us

The best way to get information about the Club and its activities is to join us for a Tuesday night Ski Club meeting!  Click here for meeting information!


Meetings are held weekly during ski season, and usually twice a month during the summer.  We welcome newcomers and guests.  Veteran club members are always there to answer your questions!

Other Ways to Contact Us:

  Send us e-mail by clicking .

  Send "snail mail" to:  
               San Francisco Ski Club 
               P. O. Box 470164 
               San Francisco, CA 94147



Board Meetings

All members are welcome to attend club board meetings.  Contact a board member for dates, times and places. 

Officers/Board Members

2011-2012 Officers/Board Members/VIPs

President:  Igor Goulaevsky
Vice President:  Risa Meyer
Secretary:  n/a
Treasurer (acting):  Paul Axelrod
Acting Activities Director:  Cathy Otto  (effective 9/19/11)
Trips and Cabins:  Lisa Shalwitz
BAC Rep.:  Barbara Erickson
Race Director:  John Walsh
Singles League Rep.:  Cathy Otto
Past President:  Judy Shulman


Descriptions of Board Positions

We have updated the position descriptions for 2011/2012.  Click here to view a practical description of each Board position's role and responsibilities.



Special Thanks to the Following Folks:

Past Presidents:

Arceil Juranty 
John Ulrich
Jeff Gibbs
Renton Rolph
Dory Ryan
John Walsh

Board Members 5 years or more:

Risa Meyer
Terri Franco
Steve Noetzel
Bruce Methven (well, really just our past Webmaster for many years)